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The number of students included in this report and the overall enrollment reports for each school different are consistent, but differ from the total district enrollment figure. A petition headlined, "Manhasset High School should change the racist mascot," started out as a small petition in early June and turned into a widely followed page with close to 2,000 signatures. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); You have entered an incorrect email address! Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. [13], Among public school parents, the median household income is $250,001, and 78.2% of parents are in the labor force. Theres much more consensus on that. Upstate New York and the North Country take pride in our history and forcing them to replace these historical mascots is prioritizing the Far Left mob at the expense of our students education, Stefanik said. I doubt Manhasset intentionally means to have a racist mascot, but public perception nationally and locally puts us on the wrong side of this., District Superintendent Vincent Butera said in a statement to Blank Slate Media that he was aware of the petition., I have and will continue to meet with groups of students and alumni regarding this issue in order to gain input from a variety of stakeholders within our community, Butera said. I was taught to have empathy towards oppressed peoples by the wonderful educators I was taught by during my academic career at Manhasset. After an upstate district lost their bid to keep their mascot, school districts in New York state have been instructed to stop using Native American symbols and imagery as mascots, team names and logos by the end of the year or face the loss of state funding. Just one block from. In 2021, 35 Manhasset High School student government leaders and varsity sports captions co-signed a letter in support of retaining the Manhasset Indian mascot. However, at least. We have to ask ourselves what has taken so long?. I know some people object to the red face, but we dont have that. "Manhasset High School" is used in reference to the building as a whole and to the 912 program; "Manhasset Middle School" refers to the 78 program as well as to the sections of the building used mostly for 7th and 8th grade teaching. Theres no way to justify the mascot as it is. The Manhasset Union Free School District, also known as Manhasset Public Schools, is a public school district serving the Greater Manhasset area of Nassau County, on the North Shore of Long Island, in New York. Send Mascot Graphic Here : Indians . as the Washington Redskins football team announced that it would retire its name, which Native American groups have called a racial slur, and logo. Trigg plans to keep the petition up as long as it takes to get through to the administration of Manhasset. Regents officials countered that the name Indian was an inaccurate historical term derived from Christopher Columbus failure to distinguish North America from the West Indies. As was noted by many petition signatories, a Native American head logo, similar to the design used by the former Redskins, that used to adorn the Manhasset football field had been removed some years ago and replaced with an M, but the Indian name and logo remain on the schools uniforms. To prove how wrong this mascot is, consider a mascot called the Blacks, the Jews, the Caucasians, the Asians, image and all? Travis Fortounas is a contributing writer for Anton Media Group. There are more than a dozen Long Island schools likely to be affected: the Manhasset, Brentwood and Sewanhaka Indians; the Comsewogue, Wyandanch, Amityville and Wantagh Warriors; East Islip. 6 of North Hempstead, New York . It is especially offensive given that the school has little contact with indigenous populations, and a community of predominately and historically white people have appropriated the mascot. In an update on the petition page two weeks ago, Trigg let Manhasset residents know how close they were to getting through to the administration. ", Manhasset High School Should Change the Racist Mascot. Its the right thing to do. Cancel cancel culture and honor who we are and where we came from, the good with the bad. Teams . When the Native Americans said do not forget us, it wasnt to keep the mascot but make sure that their cultures are depicted accurately and respectfully with educational components accompanying any decision the school makes., We dont refer to it as the mascot or the logo, Schwenk said. The Manhasset logo is similar to the Redskins logo, but the school district has been trying to distance itself from that logo in recent years and it cannot be found on their website. We must change the school name and mascot to a more appropriate and less offensive name. MANHASSET, NY A November state Department of Education ruling that public school districts can no longer use Native American mascot names and imagery reignited debates across Long Island. Due to volume, readers are limited to one letter in print every 45 days. What started out as a personal concern that Joanna Trigg had throughout her academic career at the Manhasset School District has turned into a petition to replace Manhassets mascot, which is an image of an Indian head. PPP a bridge for North Shore nonprofits in a dry time, Lavine Calls For Police Probe After Alleged Corruption Case, Hempstead, Oyster Bay Repeal Local Abortion Restrictions, Following North Hempstead, Zack Britton returns to Yankees after Tommy John surgery, Virginia vists unbeaten Syracuse on Friday night. Its very interesting to see how the students are making this known to the entire community now, rather than the board of education making it known which is what they said they would do., Manhasset is an Indian tribe. Manorhaven Modern Coastal Port Washington | 4 Edgewood Road | $899,500 This stunning home o!ers everything you need to enjoy the perfect coastal lifestyle of Port Washington. The district is aware of a petition to change the district mascot, Dr. Vincent Butera, Superintendent of Manhasset Schools, said in a statement. Trigg spoke to the Manhasset Press in August about why she started the petition, but has looked to the recently formed Manhasset Justice Initiative (MJI) to continue the fight of replacing the mascot. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2023 The way to do that is to listen and then take specific steps towards that objective, as opposed to simply doing one thing and calling it a day.. Sandi Brewster-Walker, executive director of the Montaukett nation, called for use of the mascot to be put "on hold" until local community members could be educated properly on the history and customs of local indigenous peoples, pointing out that the imagery said to honor local tribes was in reality connected with nations originating from west of the Mississippi river. For logos that do bear Native American representation, Amen said, he doesnt believe the treatment of the Indian symbol is undignified. [36] Manhasset Secondary School has many offerings, both curricular and extracurricular, in the musical, theatrical and visual arts. As much as Trigg is going against the High School, she still gives credit to the teachers who taught her everything she knows today about cultural diversity. Ciampino pointed the words double meaning and noted that few take issue with the name of San Franciscos pro-basketball team of the same name. This petition starter stood up and took action. Schwenk maintained the seniors desire to communicate with the district administration, though, no matter the decision thats ultimately reached. Please provide your full name, hometown, phone numbers and any relevant expertise or affiliation. Some schools voluntarily heeded his request and retired their mascots, while others schools declined. Manhasset Senior High School is a part of the Manhasset Union Free School District and has around 1,157 students and 26 varsity sports. "[24], Manhasset teams continued to use the "Indians" name (as well as uniforms in some cases reading simply "Manhasset") and "M with a feather" logo as their identity through the 202122 season and no announcement of any decision made by a committee to review the use of indigenous symbols and imagery has been made as of August 19, 2022. By this time, in line with Butera's 2020 promise, the "Indian head" logo had been replaced by the "M with a feather" on team uniforms and in a number of locations around the school. Will you do the same? After weeks of meticulous planning and discussions, I believe we have finally found the right one., Previously, Manhasset Secondary School had adopted a Native American theme in almost every aspect of its school district. Any depiction of Indians as Redskins is offensive. Not once at any school or community event have we witnessed the Indian name be tarnished or demeaned in any way, rather, we watch as students and community members proudly boast the name, chanting We are the Indians for anyone in the nearby vicinity to hear.. He was, Virginia (2-1, 0-0 ACC) at Syracuse (3-0, 1-0), Friday, 7 p.m. Mar 27. Director of Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics at Manhasset James Amen said he has not received any directive to alter the schools mascot or emblem, and any recent alterations have not been in reference to the representation of Native Americans. It never happened. Manhasset has a big emphasis on school sports as Manhasset's Lacrosse team is one of the best in the country. The Board of Regents, which presides over the states education department, voted to phase out Native American-related nicknames as part of a politically correct national effort to scrub racially insensitive imagery from sports teams. The new mascot should be left to vote for the Manhasset community. Manhasset High School - Class of 1991 Indians These Class Members have made this website possible by their generous contributions: Who will be our first contributor? You have entered an incorrect email address! More than 30 members of the Manhasset High Schools Class of 2021, including student government representatives and varsity athletic team captains, co-signed an email last year that accused the Board of Education of making a change to the mascot without informing the rest of the public. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} If you dont use it, the Bb footer will slide up. Persons identifying with two or more races are not included in the count of any of the other categories, except for "Hispanic". Butera announced that a public hearing would be held on the issue at the October 22, 2020 school board meeting. Their rationale was that is was our schools mascot and thus they were representing our school spirit. Published letters reflect the ratio received on each topic. 567 were here. Therefore, we all need to take initiative to ensure it is changed, once and for all. Manhasset School District had no comment on the November state ruling, or information about when or how Manhasset would change the mascot name. MP/SR KINDERGARTEN SCREENING ALL DAY. Manhasset Secondary School, also referred to as Manhasset Junior/Senior High School[a] or simply Manhasset High School,[b] is a six-year comprehensive public middle and high school in Manhasset, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. The Manhasset Times. The 1952 yearbook does not show indications of the team name on any of the team uniforms, but features many stereotypical cartoons throughout. In an email response to Blank Slate Media, the Sewanhaka school district said they had no update to provide at this time and that nothing will be officially decided until next school year. [36] In addition, Manhasset has five extracurricular vocal ensembles: Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Select Ensemble, Kinsmen (an extracurricular men's choir), the Long Island Sounds and the Shirley Tempos (two a cappella groups). The server is misbehaving. I am committed to examining this issue in a thoughtful and inclusive manner as we move forward.. Manhasset High School participates in interscholastic athletic competitions as a member of NYSPHSAA Section VIII, competing against other schools from Nassau County. The history of Manhassets Indian mascot is traced back to the Matinecock Indian Tribe, a group that occupied a majority of the Town of North Hempstead. Stat keeping for basketball teams. State Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) has requested that the county Legislatures Public Safety Committee look into corruption claims within, The Towns of Hempstead and Oyster Bay have repealed local abortion restrictions following recent calls from elected officials. Although her parents have lived in Manhasset for more than 40 years and still live there today. When the Native Americans said do not forget us, it wasnt to keep the mascot but make sure that their cultures are depicted accurately and respectfully with educational components accompanying any decision the school makes.. An Indian logo does remain in Manhasset Secondary Schools lobby, and the schools newspaper is called Indian Ink. MANHASSET, N.Y. (PIX11) Native American mascots and names will soon no longer be allowed at nearly 60 schools across New York state, including nearly a dozen in the New York City region. Mills claimed the mascots can become a barrier to building a safe and nurturing school community andimproving academic achievement for all students.. Students must pass at least one class in the arts in order to receive a Regents Diploma from Manhasset High School. Last July, district superintendent James Grossane said the board of education would survey each of the school mascots to gauge their appropriateness to the school and community values. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, Catholic intellectual tradition, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities. Rumors of a new image circulate throughout the school, but also clear changes have been made around the building, read the letter. Booster Club, District Office Community Room, 7:30 p.m. Board of Ed Mtg. Manhasset is our home. We urge the school board and administration to immediately stop proceeding with the backdoor termination of our Indian image and rather speak with the proud Manhasset community before any changes are made.. VIEW ALL BIOGRAPHIES: Family News Summary Travis Fortounas is a contributing writer for Anton Media Group. Manhasset High School seniors call to keep mascot, lack of board response concerning, A statue of a Native American stands outside Manhasset High Schools main office. Lets go! instead of the old-fashioned Lets go, Indians!, I cant wait for our school newspaper to be renamed White Guy Ink, too, a Manhassetjunior said. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It . Since graduating from Manhasset High School in 1960 and college in 1964, I have had a wonderful life. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN OUR DAILY CONVERSATION. On its website, the Manhasset Booster Club sells clothing, including T-shirts and hats, and other merchandise with the Indian name, but does not have any apparel with an Indian head logo. Manhasset needs to realize that the use of caricature as a Mascot is racist and incredibly insensitive, signer of the petition, Sophia Colalillo said. The Indian head has been the face of Manhasset High School since the early 1900s and has remained the same since. Its never enough and it never ends! 1 talking about this. ", Many other educational institutions have chosen names of white guys such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Schlanger said. ", After the 2020 petition the Manhasset School District held board meetings, where, Trigg recalls, "Indigenous people joined to speak up regarding their opposition to the use of the mascot, along with numerous people who also supported the removal, which far outnumbered the people who wanted to keep the mascot.". Manhasset athletes are often seen sporting an orange 'M' logo with a feather attached or an Indian head with the same feather indicating the Indian mascot. Though the email had been co-signed by 35 graduating high schoolers, opponents of the schools Native American representation still exist, with one petition listing over 5,000 signees. [19] In the prior edition of The Tower, the school's athletic teams are only referred to as "The Orange and Blue", an appellation also used for them in 1939 alongside "Indians". Its just stylistic changes.. Therefore, we all need to take initiative to ensure it is changed, once and for all.". There are four separate curricular instrumental ensembles (Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble) and four curricular choral groups (Concert Choir, Symphonic Choir, Women's Choir and Men's Choir), as well as keyboard and music theory classes on offer. Manhasset's musical ensembles compete and regularly win awards at NYSSMA Majors and other competitions. Manhasset Secondary School has been the target of pressure to change the mascot for various reasons. Support local journalism by subscribing to your Blank Slate Media community newspaper for just $35 a year. Jo Trigg graduated from Manhasset High School in 2004. petition that was created to change the schools mascot on July 6 had 638 signatures as of Tuesday. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It should seem obvious that a group or school does not choose a mascot to represent it that is degrading. "It's a good thing that society evolves and changes and is more inclusive nowadays these are certainly wonderful changes I also see reflected in the Manhasset community present day. Ruby Design Company. Groundwork for the new changes had been laid out long before the NFLs Washington Redskins and MLBs Cleveland Indians changed their names to the Commanders and Guardians respectively in 2022. Read more about the psychological harms of Indian mascots to indigenous populations from the American Psychological Association: Rumors of a new image circulate throughout the school, but also clear changes have been made around the building, the email said. Manhasset residents, Manhasset alumni, and Manhasset youth, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. In 2001, a Manhasset focus group recommended that no changes should be made to Manhasset High Schools Indian mascot. The ensembles earned top awards at these events. (Photo by Samuele Petruccelli), Zoning Board retirement, traffic top East Williston meeting, Longtime Great Neck resident, veteran Mort Zimmerman dies at 98, Lavine Calls For Police Probe After Alleged Corruption Case, Hempstead, Oyster Bay Repeal Local Abortion Restrictions, Following North Hempstead, Zack Britton returns to Yankees after Tommy John surgery, Virginia vists unbeaten Syracuse on Friday night.

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